Coat of Arms

The Arms of the Cooks’ Company were granted by the King of Arms on the 31st May 1461.

Arms: On a silver background, a black chevron engrailed (with curved indentations) between 3 blue Columbines.

The Crest: A green rising piece of ground, thereon a cock pheasant in natural colours.

Supporters: The right hand one, a buck in natural colours with gold horns, the left hand one, a hind in natural colours, each pierced in the shoulder with a gold arrow.

Motto: Vulnerati non victi - ‘Wounded not conquered’

‘Three Cullambines flowers azure’ were confirmed on 13th October 1467 with additional ‘Chevron engl sable’, Crest and Supporters added on the 1st August 1612.

The presence of three blue columbines does not have an immediate cookery link. The most likely theory is that they represent a form of ginger, used as a preservative in medieval times. An alternative explanation is that the College of Heralds and the Company were displaying mischievous humour as columbine was once used as a restorative for liver disorders.

All of the crests depicted here were probably correct in their day ... but not necessarily correct today!
Nevertheless, we tend to work with the bottom one now.

cooks crest 1
cooks crest 2  dark grey chev

Spot the differences?