Key Dates - Timeline

1170 - Early mention of Cooks in Fitz-Stephen’s ‘Description of London’
c1300 - Guilds of Pastlers (makers of pasties), Piebakers and Cooks merge
1309 - First records of Cooks found in the Guildhall Library
1393 - Earliest record of Masters being sworn in
1461 - Coat of Arms first granted
1482 - Granting of first charter to the Cooks’ Company by King Edward IV
c1500 - The company purchases land and builds its Hall in Aldersgate Street
1567 - The first record of a Clerk of Cooks
1609 - Summons from King James I to raise funds for plantation of lands in Ulster
1616 - Charter granted by King James I
1664 - Charter granted by King Charles II
1665 - The first record of a Beadle
1674 - New Hall built
1764 - New Hall destroyed in a fire
1771 - Hall and buildings burnt down by fire
1814 - Samuel Birch becomes first and only (so far) Cook Lord Mayor of the City of London
1906 - Irish estate sold
1907 - The Albion - the Cooks’ Aldersgate meeting place - is demolished
1941 - The Clerk’s office suffers a direct hit in the Blitz. Many records are destroyed
1975 - Link formed with the catering branch of the Army
1981 - Links formed with the catering branches of the RAF and Royal Navy
1982 - The Company celebrated its quincentenary
2003 - Admission of women to the livery


Samuel Birch - Cook Lord Mayor

samuel birch - LM 1814-15